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The sales / manufacturing arrangement between Balemaster Crown Point Indiana and Balemaster Europe supports the claim that Balemaster is one of the largest manufacturers of continuous horizontal auto-ty balers in the world.

Well known for its quality performance, reliability and service, Balemaster has been an industry pioneer in using leading-edge technology to develop innovative design in baler structure, control systems, power packages and automatic wire tiers, to meet the demands of the market place.

With an advanced engineering department utilizing the latest developments in computer automated design, innovations have been made available that allow balers to bale multiple grades of recyclables in one single baler. This is accomplished with Balemaster’s unique density control circuit.

Our goal is to reach an economical reduction of volume treating all kind of different materials, f.e. paper, corrugated, cardboard, PET / HDPE bottles, beverage packaging, cans and synthetic fibers. Therefore Balemaster offers a complete product-line consisting of balers and shredders, each with available accessories to meet the needs for a wide variety of applications, available for requirements of 500 kg per day up to 25 tons per hour.



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