Service and spares

Balemaster Europe’s service department can be reached 24/7 to provide immediate response in case of an emergency.

Our on-call service is at your disposal free of charge and without any further contract. Our service department is pleased to support you with required spares and when necessary a Balemaster technician can be send. Balemaster technicians are also available for the annual maintenance and service.

Balemaster Europe b.v.

Industrial area De Horsel
Industriestraat 11
6361 HD Nuth, The Netherlands
Telephone +31 45 524 43 43
Fax +31 45 524 56 60



Balemaster USA

980 Crown Court
Crown Point, Indiana 46307, USA
Telephone +1 219.663.4525
Fax +1 219.663.4591